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Summer Enrichments

2024 Westminster Summer Enrichment Classes


Location: Westminster Upper School

Cost: $300 per class (unless otherwise noted)

Dates: June 3rd-13th or June 17th-27th (multiple sessions available for some classes)

Times: 9-11am or 1-3pm (unless otherwise noted)


Algebra I Refresher (Prep for Algebra 2 and PreCalculus):

Session 1:  June 3rd–13th; 9–11 a.m.

This non-graded course provides a targeted review of Algebra. Intended for the student who has studied Algebra 1 level topics but seeks a solid review to proceed with higher math courses or to prepare for standardized testing. Successful completion of this course will not substitute for Algebra I credit for transcript purposes. This would be a great course for students about to enter Algebra II.

This class is open to students in grades 9th through 12th who have completed Algebra 1

Teacher - Jeff Chambless


The Art of Problem Solving:  

Session 1:  June 3rd–13th; 1–3 p.m.

This course is designed to help the student develop the ability to think critically and solve problems creatively.  Students will reason, model, and draw conclusions or make decisions with quantitative information. This class will not focus solely on the "correct" solution but also on the defense of the student's arrival at that solution. It will emphasize learning and understanding methods rather than memorizing formulas, enabling students to solve large classes of problems.

This class is open to students in grades 9th through 12th who have completed Algebra 1

Teacher - Jeff Chambless


Engaging with Others - Hospitality

June 3 - 13; 1-3 p.m.

Join Mrs. Moore and learn the meaning of hospitality and how to serve others on a budget and without apprehension.  Peering through the lens of Scripture, participants will be taught how to prepare for and serve at a variety of informal and formal occasions including:

  • church gatherings
  • small groups
  • weeknight meals
  • special occasion dinners
  • showers

Additionally, we will have rich discussions, explore how to make guests feel comfortable, and how to implement hospitality at different stages of our lives - college, young adult, and married with a family.  All participants will explore and engage with table placement/decor, meal planning, cooking, budgeting, and time management.  To culminate the class, the group will prepare and serve guests for a specific occasion in Mrs. Moore’s home which is where the class will meet in order to have a more "hands on" experience.  The location is off of Rocky Ridge Road in Vestavia.

This class is open to all girls in rising 9th - 12th grades

Teacher -  Lynda Moore


Introduction to Computer Programming:  

 June 17th–27th; 9–11 a.m.

This course is designed to help both programming beginners and those with some basic programming experience.  Students will learn the basics of how a computer actually works and then get their hands into learning how to do the basics of programming in Python.

This class is open to students in grades 9th through 12th grade. 

Teacher - Professor Greg Kawell of Samford University


Backpacking 101:

June 3rd–6th; 8 a.m.–12 noon

This course focuses on the basic skills pertaining to backpacking, ending with an overnight backpacking trip to Sipsey Wilderness.  At a minimum, students should expect to walk away with the ability build a shelter out of a tarp in a variety of settings; build a fire from gathered materials; collect and treat water; plan and prepare menus specifically for backpacking; read a topographical trail map; and plan, pack for, and embark on an overnight backpacking trip.  This course puts responsibility on students to learn and apply their knowledge, as well as to assume leadership responsibilities when assigned.  The cost of this class will be $330.

This course is open to rising 8th through 12th grade boys.

Teacher - Nicholas Ireland


VEX IQ Robotics for rising 6th-8th Grades

June 3rd–13th; 1–3 p.m.

The "VEX IQ Summer Camp" will focus on the new game for Fall 2024


  • hands-on building of a "VEX IQ Robot" in teams of 2-3 kids

  • driving the robots they build through various challenges, including this years "game"

  • Modifying their robots to better tackle the challenges

  • and a camp end "Challenge Tournament" to decide who built the best robot!

This course is a great opportunity to get a jump on the upcoming Robotics VEX IQ season! If your child is new to robotics, it is a great opportunity to find out if the Robotics program is a good fit for your child! 

Teachers - Chris and Liza Kinsley


Sculpting with Clay:

June 17th–21st; 8 a.m.–12 noon

This workshop will focus on working with clay through the hand building process. Students will receive instruction on several different ways to construct with clay. Projects will include, but are not limited to,  creating dishware, sculptures and luminaries. We will be using the underglaze method to add color to the pottery. However, because of the time restraints with clay, pieces will be fired at a later date and picked up at the school later in the summer. $325, all supplies are included in the costs. 

This class is open to rising 7th grade through 12th.

Teacher- Cathye Price


Typing and Keyboarding:  

Session 1:  June 3rd–13th; 9–11 a.m.

Session 2:  June 3rd–13th; 1–3 p.m.

This is a beginning typing class that is designed to help people who simply want to type better or want to type quickly and accurately as necessary.  

This class is open to all Upper School students.

Cost: $310  (includes cost of software)

Teacher - Sophie Simmons


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