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Re-enrollment Process

Westminster will utilize a new system for re-enrollment this January. Instead of the dreaded mountain of paperwork families typically complete to re-enroll each child, we are moving to a system titled continuous enrollment.  This means that we will assume you are re-enrolling unless you tell us otherwise.  

Here are a few quick FAQs to help you better understand:

How will I re-enroll my child/children with the new continuous enrollment system? You don’t need to do anything. We will simply assume you plan to re-enroll unless you tell us otherwise.

When will my account see the enrollment fee? As of January 24, 2023, you will see enrollment fees for all of your children for the coming school year.

What will the enrollment fee be for 2023/2024? The enrollment fee will be $360 per child. This is the same amount as in previous years.

How do I change my payment plan for next school year? Great question. Please DO NOT go into FACTS to attempt to change your payment plan yourself. Doing so will create two payment plans under your name, which means you will be charged twice. Instead, please call (205-995-9694) or email Barbara Griffith to change your payment plan.

What about all of the paperwork previously associated with re-enrollment? We are working on a way to sign most of this paperwork digitally. Most of this paperwork will be due by the end of February. Again, we hope to make this much simpler through a digital platform.

Is the enrollment fee refundable? Because we begin budgeting and making financial commitments to our teachers, all enrollment fees are non-refundable.

If I wish to unenroll one of my children, how do I do that? First, please know that as a school, our deepest desire is to partner well with you as parents as you seek to raise your children to love, serve and honor Christ. Second, if you believe Westminster is no longer a good partner in that endeavor, you simply need to complete the withdrawal form by January 19th. By doing this, your child will be unenrolled at Westminster for the coming school year, and no fee will be assessed. Please also know that many of the grades at Westminster are full. Once paperwork is filed to unenroll, your child's priority will no longer be guaranteed for the coming school year.

Informational Pages

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If the process becomes confusing along the way, please do not hesitate to call or email Lauren Kelly.