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Why Westminster?

Parents' Perspectives

The partnership between the teachers and the parents at Westminster is special. I truly feel as though my children are known and loved well. The way the gospel is woven into everything my children are learning makes me grateful beyond measure. The academics are challenging, but attainable, and the teachers' ability to make learning new things relevant and fun amazes me! I am so thankful for this school. It has been a blessing to me and to my family.

"I can honestly say that Westminster has had a hand in my child's development. She was stretched and challenged there in a way I knew I could not do through homeschooling. But she was nurtured and protected in a way that wouldn’t have happened in a larger school with a different culture. I’m so grateful for all of the caring grownups who have seen and known her there. She is armed with a confidence and assurance based on who she is in Christ, having felt His provision and love through the experiences and community at Westminster.”

I am eternally grateful for Westminster and to the Lord for leading
our family here!  It is more than we could have asked for or imagined
- excellence in education and growth of character - in order to make
whole disciples who walk in the good works which God has prepared
beforehand.  And the best part is that I know the Lord is going to
continue to grow this school in every way!

I have been very pleased with my experience of Westminster. My kids are being held to high standards, and they are meeting them. Teaching is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ no matter what class you're in, and I think that's one of the main things that makes us different from Christian schools around us. It's not just a Bible class that makes Westminster "Christian".

When we met with our 5th grader’s teacher for the first time, she discussed the school with us and we went over all the subjects, expectations, etc.  The next thing she said to me really surprised me, 'What would you like for us (his teachers) to pray for concerning you son?' God showed me right there why our kids need to be at Westminster.  He started at Westminster 6 weeks into the 5th grade year and already just loves his classmates and teachers so much.  His classmates and teachers have made him feel so welcome.  The quality of education is impressive.  One can easily surmise that if a student applies themselves at Westminster, they will be prepared for college much better than most students from other schools.